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so much, so much, soooo much.........

wellllllllllllll, its here everyone! lisa's album is finally available for preorder! just click on ------>WOOOHA!<------ and it should lead you to the site in which it is available. please view "buy products". this record will make great gifts for friends and family so buy more than one! hehe. actual release date is still november 23rd. see community userinfo for more details. :D

in other news lisa is veryyy busy! lots of stuff going on, it's nuts! i can't even keep up with it all myself. she will be in new york on the 22nd to do a radio interview with sirius radio. so if you have it, tune in!! it's gonna be on OutQ, the station, @ 9 am, eastern time. and.... she is doing a food drive in santa cruz on the day she gets back. fox, or something.... on tv. more details to come. she will also be singing at Kuumbwa jazz center on the 17th. :) and the christmas concerts twin lakes church. if you're a local (or even if you're not) and haven't seen the goodtimes click here to see an article on lisa, it's under "arts and entertainment".

rumor has it a selected bunch of albums sold will be autographed. so if you're interested post a comment with your info, name; etc.. with, "i bought the album" in the subject line. we may have yours sent with a special note! thrilling!! more info to come. ::stay tuned::

p.s. spreadddddddddddd the wordddddddd yhall!
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